This is our official blog for CalColor Academy!

On this blog, parents will get to know some more insights on  the stages of child development in art, expectations in their progress, and general knowledge of how diverse kids journey through art is. 

Each young artist develops differently depending on age, passion, innate capabilities, past experience, and developmental abilities. Each student has their own set of stages in their transformation from new artist, to experienced artist.

We will share examples from the classroom to illuminate these unique evolutions! At CalColor Academy, we strive to foster artists at any age, and we aim to give as much information to guide parents and kids through their child’s artistic journey!

What to expect:

Coming up we will send out articles about the following:

Phases of development, 3 sections

  1. Little little kids
  2. Pre-teen
  3. Teen  

4.Why is art important

5.How to appreciate your kids art

6.How to work with your kids at home to develop stronger skills

If you are interested in any topics, please email us at [email protected] and put “Blog Topics” in the title! Thanks!

-CalColor Team