This age range is from 7-9 year old, and a big change occurs here. Students at this age become self conscious of their work. No longer is the emphasis on storytelling through a logically structured image; now students are becoming aware that objects can be drawn ‘realistically’, rather than symbolically. They are now taking time to critically assess their own skills, and they seek a new level of maturity with their image making. This next level is the precursor to the pseudo-naturalistic style stage, which will be the next topic, along with the decision-making phase to anticipate learning about in our next post! See you there!

Schematic Phase

This drawing is by a 6 year old, and shows perfectly how a child at this age is assembling symbolic images to represent a story. Realism is not the main issue here, story is.

Dawning Realism

This is a work by an 8 year old student. This student is realising that pumpkins have three dimensions, they have a light and dark value range, and they can look realistic if drawn correctly. The difference here is that story is secondary, and realism is primary.