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Dear Parents,

Welcome to the CalColor Academy Fall 2019 Newsletter (Week 7), your weekly source of news and announcements from CalColor! 

Did you know that the Mona Lisa has her own mailbox in the Louvre because of all the love letters she receives?


Henri Matisse Inspired Card

For week 7, Exploration students are working on a card inspired by the artist Henri Matisse!

The focus for this day, is to create a background and patterns with different objects and themes.

On week 8, students will be continuing on this project and will add people/objects to complete the scene of their card!


HW (Due Oct 8-13):Draw your own bedroom! Add Pattern


The spotlight study (Part 2)

Last week, foundation students are transferring the scene they sketched out from last week onto black construction paper! 

Utilizing contrast in lighting, students are using white lines to represent items in the dark, and use white paper to represent areas that are lit by light!

Students are also realizing their cute ideas, and will be bringing in color in the light areas next week!



HW (Due Oct 8-13): Draw a room with Furniture!


Surrealist Room (Part 2)

For week 7, Advancement students are working on transferring their sketch for the surrealist room project inspired by Rene Magritte!

While keeping in mind of the principles of perspective covered from last week, students are moving their sketches onto a larger piece of paper.

On week 8, students will create a water color base for their final piece!



HW (Due Oct 8-13): Draw a room in perspective! Add dreamy imagery!


Wizard of Oz – Dorothy (Part 2)

For week 7, Digital Art students are finishing up their Dorothy characters from last week!

Students worked on polishing their design and also had the option of exploring expression designs for their character!