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Important Announcements:

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This Week’s Homework (Due 10/15 -10/20):



Students will finish the worksheet.



Select 3-4 pieces of furniture at home, such as a chair, a table, a lamp and draw them, using just an outline. Include specific detail in your outline drawings: what shapes, textures, and edges make that piece of furniture unique.



Advancement students will select one of the thumbnails they did in class and will draw it with more detail on a 8 X 11.5 paper (letter size). Feel free to modify the original idea. Study the shadows, add more objects. Bring this idea to class next time so we can transfer to the final format after my revision.


Classroom Recaps!


Week 7: LEGO Stamp Art Castle

Last week, our 4-6 year old artists made a castle by stamping LEGO pieces dipped in black tempera paint. The teacher showed students some pictures of castles from different places, such as Asia and Europe. They learned basic structure of a castle, including doors, roofs, windows, etc. This project developed students’ sensibility to shape, size, and pattern.

This Week’s Project: Henri Matisse’s Interior Room (2-week project)

This week, students will draw the decorative wall paper for their room. 





Week 7: Illustration Art: Storytelling With Spotlight (First Week)

Last week, our 7-9 year old artists sketched out the idea of their interior room. They chose a night animal and light source for this project and added a lot of details for their interior room.

This Week’s Project: Illustration Art: Storytelling With Spotlight (Second Week)

This week, students will use white charcoal pencil to draw their interior room onto black construction paper and cut out the light source with white paper.






Week 7

This Week’s Project: Surrealism: Rene Magritte study – Room with apple.

We started our 4 weeks surrealist project by learning about this important art movement from the 20th century and how it uses symbols, fantasy, and dreams to push the limits of what is accepted as reality, and about Belgian artist René Magritte, one of its most important exponents. This past week we concentrated on learning about one point perspective and we used again the thumbnailing process to come up with ideas for our piece.

Next step: transfer the thumbnail  idea to a big paper for the final version.





The San Jose Atelier class has officially begun this week, open to students of all levels and especially accommodating to those with zero experience. Since we are still looking for students to join, here are some images of students works from the Cupertino Atelier branch this week.


Atelier student Jun completed her LV 3 Bargue Master copy in graphite pencil. Jun started out in the Atelier 6 months ago with zero prior knowledge in art, seeking to pursue it as a fun hobby while her daughter Jennifer attends the PD program in the Cupertino branch. Jun started out not very confident in her abilities to draw and I am happy to see her being so surprised with herself when she finished this drawing today. This drawing is the second drawing she has ever done.


Atelier student Jingjing working on her LV 5 Bargue Mastercopy. She is a student of 1 year currently in the Atelier. She has a background in Interior Design and was excited to get into learning how to draw. 


Atelier Student Kazuya working on his LV 6 Cast Drawing. A student of 1 year, he started out with zero prior experience in art, accompanying his wife Jingjing to class as a fun experience. He is now one of the top Atelier students in the program. 

13 year old Atelier student Liv, who has been in the Atelier for 6 months now also started out with zero experience in art. She is an example of one of many younger students pursuing excellence in classical drawing training and is proof that good professional skills can be taught no matter how young you are. This is her completed LV 3 Bargue Master Copy drawing.