Age 5-6

 2021 Art Exploration Camps

Theme Option 1

Offering Dates: June 14-18 or  July 19-23

 AM: Aquarium – Mysteries of the Ocean

Highlight: Canvas Painting

Do you love ocean animals? Remember the last time you visited an aquarium? Let us go on a visual aquarium adventure! Together we will explore and study some of the ocean creatures, aquatic plant life, as well as the ocean ecosystem. Kids will draw, paint, and make 3-D sculptures pieces that capture some of the aquarium moments they see and experience. By the end of the camp, we will set up an installation that visually represents an aquarium ocean kingdom adventure! 

Learning Objectives: 

    • Knowledge Enrichment: explore and study the aquarium setting, ocean animals, and plant life, as well as learning about the ocean ecosystem. 
    • Observation: students will practice awareness and observational skills, learn to see with an artistic eye, and express what they see through drawing, painting, and craft.
    • Craft and 3-D Skills: practice fine motor and hands-on making skills

PM: Amusement Park Adventure

Highlight: Clay and Craft

We haven’t been to the amusement park in a year! Do you still remember how fun the bumper car was? How yummy the hot dog and cotton candy tasted? And how happy you were at the amusement park? Together, we will go on an art journey to draw and paint some of those beautiful memories at the park. We will use clay and hands-on craft skills to make a souvenir, a bumper car, and paint a food cart which has all our favorite park snacks! Join us on this amazing adventure! 

Learning Objectives: 

    • Observation and Artistic Expression: learn to see and observe like an artist, and express what you see through language and tools of art  
    • Storytelling Through Visual Art Elements
    • Elements and Principles of Art:  colors and shapes; contrast and balance 
    • Fine Motor Skills: Hands-on making, clay, and craft techniques

Theme Option 2

Offering Dates: June 21-25 or  July 26-30

AM: Little Painter-Magical Fairy Tales

Highlight: Canvas Painting

Do you love fairy tales? Enchanted by the magical creatures? Join us for this painting camp inspired by the magic of fairy tales and fantastic animals! We will look for inspirations from stories like Beauty and the Beast, The Frog Prince and other fantastic animal creatures to design, draw and paint your own magical fairy tale themed portraits!  

Learning Objectives: 

    • Observation and Drawing: students will learn to draw basic animal portraits and figure drawings based on observations.
    • Creative Design: students will take inspirations from familiar fairy tales and animals to create their own magical fairy tale themed portrait! 
    • Basic Painting Technique, Color Theory, and Color Mixing

PM: Hawaii Culture Exploration

Highlight: Clay and Craft

In this camp, we’ll explore the spirit of aloha – peace, kindness, compassion and responsibility. We are going to study the history, tradition and meaning behind Hawaii symbolic cultural activities such as Hula Dance. We will learn to draw human gestures, traditional symbols and motifs as well as study the traditional colors of Hawaiian culture. Students will also learn to use collage and clay sculpting technique to embellish their artworks with hand-made 3-D objects on their traditional Hawaiian clothings and instruments.

Learning Objectives: 

    • Knowledge and Culture Enrichment: study the history, tradition, and meaning behind Hawaiin Cultural activities such as Hula Dance, as well the colors, symbols and motifs of Hawaiian culture. 
    • Drawing and Observation: observe and learn to draw Hula dancer gestures. 
    • Clay Sculpting and Paper Collaging Techniques.

Theme Option 3

Offering Dates: June 28- July 2 or  August 2-6

AM: Time Traveler – Take Me To The Future!

Highlight: Mind Opening Design

Little Time Travelers! Imagine a time machine taking you to the future! What will the world be like? The houses? Streets? Transportation? In this mind-opening camp, kids will expand their imagination and horizon, to explore, design, and create a futuristic town! Kids will learn to draw, color, make crafts and practice hands-on making skills! By the end of the camp, we will have created a futuristic town of many imaginary possibilities!

Learning Objectives: 

    • Mind Opening: students will expand their imagination and horizon through brainstorming, storytelling, and inspirations from visual imageries 
    • Basic Design Elements: students will learn some basic elements of art and design to create their own futuristic town 
    • Craft and 3-D Skills: students will practice fine motor and hands-on making skills

PM: Explore The Wonders of National Parks

Highlight: 3 folds pop-up brochure

In this camp, we will explore the natural wonders of some famous National Parks in the US! Students will learn about their geographical features, biodiversity, closely observe some famous waterfalls and express them using visual art language and tools! Students will be making a 3 folds pop-up brochure that introduces the beauty and wonders of National Parks!

Learning Objectives: 

    • Basic Elements of Design: learn basic graphic design elements and format to communicate information. 
    • Knowledge Enrichment: explore the landscapes and biodiversity of several major US National Parks 
    • Hands-on Making Skills: learn to make a 3 folds pop-up brochure  
    • Observational and Drawing Skills

Theme Option 4

Offering Dates: July 12-16 or  August 9-13

 AM: Famous Art vs Popular Culture

Highlight: Creative Mash Up Painting

In this camp, we will learn about famous artists, their style, painting, and mash them up with kids’ favorite cartoon characters and pop art/culture. Have you thought about Snoopy living in Miro’s Painting? Have you imagined Sponge Bob surfing in Kanagawa’s “the Great Wave”? You will explore the masterpieces created by Juan Miro, Keith Haring, Kanagawa, Van Gogh and Takashi Murakami. You will also create your own art in those masterpieces. Don’t miss this great art journey this summer!

Learning Objectives: 

    • Masterpieces and Popular Culture appreciation experiences. 
    • Drawing Skills and Technique.
    • Creative Art Practices: Students will learn and practice the art creative concept—”Mash Up” in their own art creations.
    • Storytelling: students will learn and practice storytelling abilities through elements of visual art and design.

PM: Trip to Hawaii Islands

Highlight: Skydiving Figures

Let us take you to the most exciting virtual travel experience in a helicopter over the beautiful tropical island of Hawaii first!! Then, with an artist’s eye, we will observe, explore, study, and draw the interesting and amazing volcanic landforms in Hawaii. We will also use hands-on making skills to make fun skydiving figures!

Learning Objectives: 

  • Knowledge Enrichment: observe and learn about the volcanic landform in Hawaii
  • Drawing and Observational Skills: learn to draw and see from a bird’s eye view
  • Fine Motor Skills: hands-on making skill