Age 7-9

2021 Online Camps

Digital Lv1

 Create Your Minecraft World

Jun 14-18 or July 19-23

Inspired by the art style, visual world, and characters of Minecraft, students will create their own Minecraft world and friends! In this camp, students will learn isometric perspective, design their own Minecraft style characters and environment using isometric perspective, and learn and practice their ability to tell and create stories through elements of character, accessory, and environment design.

Learning Objectives: 

    • Three Dimensional Drawing Techniques
    • Isometric Technique
    • Storytelling by building your creative worldview

Under The Sea Adventure

Jun 21-25 or July 26-30

In this camp, we are going to explore a lot of different kinds of creatures that are living in the ocean! We will learn about sea animals, how to distinguish them with size, shapes, and color. Students will train their observation skills by telling the similarities and differences of the sea animals. Also, we will learn about the sea animals’ homes, lands, and plants in the ocean and create our sea world!

Learning Objectives: 

    • How to Use the Digital Medium Effectively to make sea world
    • Composition and Atmospheric Perspective
    • Color Palette with the sea theme

Design Your Pokémon

July 12-16 or August 2-6

In this camp, students will create their own Pokémon! Students will start by learning animal anatomy, the balanced of character design, and evolutions of the character. Then, students will design costumes, and yes, the unique ability of their character! After that, we will introduce some basic color studies to boost the appearance of the creature. Finally, best of all, we will make a Poke Ball for characters to live!

Learning Objectives: 

    • Learn to Use the Digital Medium
    • Practices of Character Design
    • Environmental Design