Age 10+

2021 Online Camps

Digital Lv2

Build Your Imaginary World

 Jun 14-18 or July 19-23

In this camp, we will get inspiration from the paintings of Maurits Cornelis Escher. MC Escher is famous for the mathematics in his paintings. During the week, students will be introduced to MC Escher, surrealism, and isometric perspective. Students will create their own imaginary world with the digital medium.

Learning Objectives: 

    • Surrealism
    • Isometric Perspective
    • Stylized Illustration

Ocean Adventure

Jun 21-25 or July 26-30

In this camp, we will learn how to use digital mediums to effectively create the sea world. Students will learn to create sea animals, plants, as well as environments under the sea. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves to approach this project with realistic illustration work or very stylized tidepool work.

Learning Objectives: 

    • How to Use the Digital Medium Effectively
    • Composition and Color Palette with the sea theme
    • Atmospheric Perspective and Environmental Study

 Book Cover Design

July 12-16 or August 2-6

We are going to create book covers for your favorite story. In this camp, students will learn how to use elements from stories to create a resonating cover. We will cover the principle of graphic design, space between letters and illustration, how to do brainstorming with ideas using thumbnails, and what kind of cover will be eye-catching! Students will receive a great amount of inspiration from references and adapt them to their own.

Learning Objectives: 

    • Art and Design Principles
    • Narrative illustration
    • Graphic Design