Age 7-9

2021 Online Camps

Art Foundation

 Jun 14-18: STEAM: Your Body Factory

Imagine that your body is like a factory! In this STEAM Camp, we will explore the secret of how our body, mainly the brain, heart, and digestive system, works. We will create a mixed media painting that combines elements of graphic design and 3-D spatial elements to showcase the knowledge learned during the week.

Learning Objectives: 

    • Key STEAM Knowledge Points: study basic human body anatomy and functions of major organs 
    • Proportions & Scale: learn human body proportions and the concept of scale 
    • Painting Technique: learn basic painting techniques, such as color blending, impasto, etc.  
    • Elements of Graphic Design and Color Theory

Jun 21-25: Minecraft World and Friends!

Inspired by the art style, visual world and characters of Minecraft, students will create their own Minecraft world and friends! In this camp, students will learn to draw 3-D shapes, design their own Minecraft style characters and environment using those 3-D shapes, and learn and practice their ability to tell and create stories through elements of character, accessory, and environment design.

Learning Objectives: 

    • Drawing Skills and Technique: learn to draw 3-dimensional forms, learn about value and shading 
    • Character Design: learn basic principles of design, and creatively using shapes and forms to build characters
    • Storytelling: learn and practice storytelling abilities through elements of visual art and design

Jun 28-Jul 2: Portrait Mash-Up Painting

Join us on a creative and educational journey to paint an original mash-up portrait! Students will study and be inspired by the styles, costumes, and the genre of portrait painting of the 19th century, as well as looking at some of the rulers of the animal kingdom from various geographic regions on earth! Students will learn to draw and paint animal portraits and creatively mash-up with the traditional style of 19th century portrait painting!

Learning Objectives: 

    • Art Style and History: students will study the style and colors of 19th-century western portrait painting tradition, as well as the culture, costumes, and accessories worn by people around that time period
    • Drawing Skills: students will learn animal portrait drawing and basic figure drawing techniques 
    • Technique and Material: students will learn painting techniques such as color mixing, paint application, and layering

Jul 12-16: Hawaii Culture and Art

Tikis are spiritual figures in Hawaii traditional culture, which is rich with traditions and legends about gods and demi-gods. In this camp, we will study the unique Polynesian culture from its traditional tattoo art to hand-made crafts, and learn about the history behind Tikis. Students will be making various kinds of art projects from drawings and collages inspired by the rich culture, legends, history, and traditional symbols and motifs of Hawaiian and Polynesian cultures.

Learning Objectives: 

    • Culture Studies: learn about the symbols, motifs, and colors of Polynesian traditional art, as well as the meaning and legends behind Tikis. 
    • Hands-on Paper Collaging Techniques. 
    • Storytelling Skills: learn to tell stories through the visual language of art

Jul 19-23: Masterpieces vs Popular Culture

In this masterpieces camp, we will first learn about the famous artists, their style, paintings, and then mash them up with our popular culture like famous Disney movies/characters. Have you seen the recent popular movie “Soul”? We will review how great this movie’s art, design, and creativity are. We will also explore and appreciate Picasso’s art. Then, we will create our own artworks based on the inspirations of those great art! Come and join us in this exciting Masterpieces and Pop Culture week!

Learning Objectives: 

    • Masterpieces and Popular Culture appreciation experiences.
    • Drawing and Painting Techniques
    • Creative Practices: students will create artworks inspired by masterpieces and pop culture.
    • Storytelling: students will learn and practice storytelling abilities through elements of visual art and design

Jul 26-30: Incredible Tropical Ocean in Hawaii

Join us this summer on an art adventure to explore the incredible underwater world of the tropical ocean! Watch Hawaiian green sea turtles tread water through the luminescent Pacific Ocean! Witness vibrant schools of tropical fish, sea anemone, and a variety of unique reef animals endemic to the Hawaiian oceans! We will transform these incredible visual images of the tropical ocean to make a multi-layered 3-D pop-up masterpiece, and also will create a piece of incredible paper sculpture!

Learning Objectives: 

    • Drawing and Observational Skills: observe, explore and learn to draw tropical sea creatures, and Hawaii underwater landscape 
    • Spatial Art Hands-on Making and Thinking Skills: learn to use physical layers to represent space, build-up scenes, and create a 3-Dimensional art piece
    • Fine Motor Skills: hands-on making skill

Aug 2-6: Time Traveller to the Future Cities

Let’s ride a time machine, and travel to the future together! Imagine yourself in that futuristic world! What transportations will be like? The cityscapes? The roads and freeways? What kind of car do you want to drive? In this creative and mind-opening camp,  students will expand their imagination and horizon, learn basic design principles, and design their own futuristic cityscape and transportation to travel around in this imaginary world of the future! 

Learning Objectives: 

    • Principles of Design: students will learn basic principles of design, and apply those principles in designing car, landscape, and cityscape 
    • Material and Drawing Techniques: students will learn the technique of shading, rendering, color blending, and creating different texture, including metallic and shiny surfaces 
    • Storytelling: students will learn and practice storytelling abilities through elements of visual art and design

Aug 9-13: Theatre Design – Magical Puppet Show

Have you ever seen a puppet show? How would you like to design your magical puppet theater? In this camp, we will explore and learn the aesthetics of the historical puppet theater and design our own stage, backdrops, scenes and characters!

Learning Objectives: 

    • Knowledge and Concept: learn about puppet theater and its history 
    • Hands-on Making and Craft Skills: make a double-layered 3D stage with various set details, scenes, and backgrounds
    • Storytelling Through Character Design: design puppet characters and backstage members with a focus on storytelling
    • Stage Design and Spatial Thinking: learn about the basic elements of stage design, foreground, background through 3D object making