2021 Teen Camps – Newark

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$280/half-day camp

(+$10 material fee)

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Drawing / Painting Workshops

Want to enhance your drawing/painting techniques but don’t know where to start with? Admire solid realistic skills but be scared of the tediousness?

Join this series of camps where you can immerse and explore drawing/painting skills. This series of camps focus on not only the techniques but also on how to use them. Together we will do 3~5 practice projects, each designed to teach different aspects of drawing/painting skills, and finish 1~3 final projects based on each student’s level and interest.

Teachers’ professional guidance will help you to develop the creativity, individuality, and style of your own art!  With or without drawing/painting experience, you will find these camps helpful and mind-open to improve your observation ability and enrich your knowledge about art rules and fundamentals.

Drawing Workshop – Line and Form

In Drawing Workshop 1, we will discover the magic of lines, which is a versatile element widely used by both Western and Eastern artists in art history. Not only we will learn line drawing with a realistic perspective, but also experience the charm of lines to add abstract textures and enhance the special effects on our image.

Drawing Workshop – Value and Texture

In Drawing Workshop 2, we will learn the value—the trick to turn your 2d shapes into 3d forms. With different materials such as pencil, charcoal, color pencil, and ink we will explore different methods of hatching, tonal, stipple to achieve various textures, patterns, effects, as well as the aesthetic value of them.

Painting Workshop – Watercolor

This watercolor camp will guide you through different techniques and materials you need to know and help you to get control of your water, paint, and brush. Watercolor can be playful or serious, naive or profound, light or heavy, realistic or abstract. Anyway, watercolor is fun! 

Painting Workshop – Acrylic and Oil Painting

In Painting Workshop 2 students will be introduced to acrylic and oil paint, the tools, materials, media, techniques, and different styles throughout time. From still life to landscape, students will learn skills like how to mix colors, how to design the tone, how to layer and render, etc. 

Digital Painting Camps

Digital Painting is a technique that is used amongst professional artists in illustration, animation, concept art, etc. Though many of the painting principles transfer over to digital painting, a lot of the techniques and processes do not.

The objective of the camp is to learn how to use digital tools to efficiently approach painting, while upholding the principles of fundamental painting. In this series of camps students will be creating projects from various focuses including landscape painting, animal painting, portrait painting, and still life painting.

This camp is perfect for both students new to digital art, or students who want to further polish their digital techniques and works.

Digital Painting – Landscape

Digital Painting – Animal

Anime/Manga Camps

Anime/Manga camp is designed for both students who want to learn comic drawings, particularly traditional Japanese cartoon styles of Anime and Manga art, and students who would like to develop their portfolios for applying to Animation/Illustration major in college. This camp will teach you everything you need to know to draw in anime style!

Students may use traditional drawing/ painting or digital tools for the camp. They will learn fundamental Anime/Manga (digital) drawing and painting skills, character design, and learn to create their own anime characters and manga comics. Students who are already familiar with anime drawing styles are also encouraged to join us to challenge their techniques and bring their anime drawing skills to the next level. We will produce finished (digital) paintings, portrait and anatomy practice, and character development.

Anime/ Manga – Character Design

Anime/ Manga – Illustration

Creative Art Camps

Creative Art – Surreal Portrait

Do you have many ideas but don’t know how to express them? Are you attracted to the art of contemporary artists? Join this surreal portrait camp!

In this camp, we will learn about surrealism – one of the mainstream techniques in creating art portfolios. We will open a door for students to a new space by linking tradition and modernism. Students will learn about facial structure, light and shadow, color theory, and acrylic painting skills — in a creative way!

Creative Art – My Dream (Space Art)

What does the world look like in your dream? Do you sometimes feel like you are in an unknown space?

In our space art camp, we will get inspiration from the paintings of Maurits Cornelis Escher. MC Escher is famous for the mathematics in his paintings. During the week, students will complete their own artistic creations through composition, perspective, two-dimensional and three-dimensional space traversal and surreal expression techniques combined with narrative performance capabilities.