Adult Art Program

Adult Classes

Adult class

Age Group: Adult
Class Length: 2 hours

CalColor Adult Classes are for the person who wants to develop their abilities to draw and paint. Our artists can work with you no matter your level of experience. We focus on the challenges of realistic rendering combined with an expressionistic understanding for making work that rewards the creator and the viewer. We will review artists and techniques that can inspire us while we reinvest in the concentration of creating an image. This class is both challenging and relaxing, while helping to develop a skill set that can lead to a lifelong habit of creation.


Atelier Class 

Atelier class

Age Group: 11 – Adult
Class Length: 1.5 hours

CalColor Atelier is a branch art program focused on teaching traditional art techniques modeled after the French Academies of the 19th century. Our mission is to teach students the language and science of drawing & painting, and to prepare students with strong essential foundations. We strive to enable students to utilize the techniques they’ve learned, in order for them to convey any artistic vision they wish to achieve.

  • Historically-proven techniques and level systems

  • Gain solid foundations of drawing and develop good independent drawing habits
  • Progress level by level to produce professional quality drawings and paintings