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January 7th – March 30th 2020

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In association with CalColor Academy, CalColor Atelier is a branch art program focused on teaching traditional art techniques modeled after the French Academies of the 19th century. Our mission is to teach students the language and science of drawing & painting, and to prepare students with strong essential foundations. We strive to enable students to utilize the techniques they’ve learned, in order for them to convey any artistic vision they wish to achieve.


The Atelier at CalColor teaches students historically-proven techniques inspired from the 19th century French Academies. 

Students first start out in the Atelier class learning the basic foundations of drawing and will be guided to developing good independent habits in the studio working at their own pace. 

Students will be able to produce professional quality results as they progress through the Atelier.


The CalColor Atelier Painting program teaches students on how to transfer their knowledge of drawing into painting.

Students will create paintings that they study from 16th-21th century master painters.

Throughout the program, students will gain knowledge on color theory, edge control, and different painting techniques.

Student Testimonials

From beginners, to advanced art students, to practiced professionals,
Calcolor Atelier is proud to  have a record success with students from all levels.

“I started my atelier class with Kai in Sep 2018 with essentially no drawing experience. Kai believes the drawing is the key to good art. The Bargue exercise in his class is helping me learn principles and techniques of drawing and build a solid foundation in art. Kai is a very positive and constructive teacher. He always encourages me to draw with confidence and to finish the drawing accurately at my own pace. I really enjoy the learning process in this open and relaxed atmosphere.”
– Atelier Student, Ying W.

“I started drawing lessons with Kai with no previous experience – eager to receive instruction of traditional proven methods. Learning through the Atelier method has introduced me to drawing in a way that has expanded my understanding of how important this classical approach is to achieve realistic results and it has quickly progressed my skills. Now I view, conceptually, the negative shapes, tonal changes and angles that have me drawing with confidence to achieve proportional and realistic accuracy of the human form.”
– Atelier Student, Caro


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