2022 New Year Poster Art Contest

Poster Art Show

Exploration work age 4-6

Group Age 4-6

Group Age 7-9

Group Age 10+

Elite Group Age 7-10

Calling for Posters for Spring Festival 2022!

Children are divergent thinkers, capable of producing a range of ideas freely, generously. Have you ever thought about what the Chinese Spring Festival looks like in their creative little minds? 

2022 载歌在谷(ZGZG) ​and CalColor Academy are teaming up to host an art competition. Children will use their imaginations and drawings to create a 2022 Chinese New year poster in this competition.

2022 ZGZG will bring back the Spring Festival Gala show and garden activities. We will get you a variety of traditional and innovative garden activities to bring our community together and fully enjoy the Spring Festival.  The winners of the art competition will be announced at the spring festival garden activities. Prizes include VIP tickets for the Spring Festival Gala Show and Art Gift Sets.

Event Rules

Time Frame: 

  • Submission Time:  Nov 16th, 2021 to Jan 9th, 2022 (Subjected to the mailing time)
  • How to submit: Bring (or mail) your work to any CalColor campus. No frame is required.
  • Submission form: https://forms.gle/hGTnzeaBa5Js2goz5


    We will choose 3 winners for the 4 awards listed above, one age group each.

    1. Leonardo Da Vinci Award for Most Innovative Artist
    2. Jackson Pollock Award for the Most Expressive Artist
    3. Norman Rockwell Award for Best Illustrator
    4. Henri Matisse Award for the Best Use of Color to Express Emotions
    • Primary Election: Jan 9th, with CalColor teaching team. 
    • Finalist: Jan 10th to 14th, vote online. (20-50 pieces)

    Ceremony and Exhibition: 

    1. Awards ceremony and Art exhibition at San Jose Center for the Performing Arts on January 15th, 2022, for the spring festival gala show.
    2. Art show at CalColor South San Jose campus from Jan 15th to February 15th.
    3. Online Art exhibition on CalColor and ZGZG website.


    Age Group: 

    4-6;   7-9;   10+ 

    Artwork Requirement: 

    1. poster size:11×14 or 12×18 inches
    2. Paper: mixed media/watercolor, digital work must be printed in size(s) above to submit
    3. Media: no limitation. You can use watercolor, markers, colored pencils, paper collages, and other media. 

    Suggested Topic: 

    1. Tiger (Do you know the story about the 12 animals? What animal are you?
    2. Story of Nian (Do you know the story of the “Nian” monster? How does the monster look like and what do we do to keep it away? Can you draw out the story?)
    3. Reunion(What do we do during Spring Festival with our family? Have meals together, go visit family and friends, wear new clothes, what else?)
    4. Spring Festival Garden Activities(Have you been to Spring festival garden activities? What kind of games do you know? Lantern Riddles, Chinese Calligraphy, face painting….

     Some recommended stories of Chinese New Year as inspiration:

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIhEU8UkDvc Story of Spring Festival
    2. https://fb.watch/9imJNFWgz-/ Chinese New Year Foodie Journey