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Trial Class FAQ

Q: Why is trial class very important?
A: A trial class is the best chance for students and teachers to learn about each other. The student can have a direct experience of the class and the teacher. The teacher will also have chance to evaluate the student and provide an assessment for parents.

Q: Will my child have the same teacher as the trial class?
A: Yes, but not always. We arrange all trial students to try out our daily classes and try our best to match the trial students to the same teachers. Trial students will have an accurate feel for the class, and for the teacher and his/ her future classmates.

Q: Why was my trial class rescheduled or canceled?
A: We deeply apologized if your trial class has been rescheduled! Often, the classes will be overbooked by currently enrolled students. We limit our teacher-to-student ratio from overflowing to improve the quality control of our classes and enhance the learning environment for students. Once you are registered, we ensure that your enrollment for classes will be our top priority!

Q: My child’s age is at the boundary of two class levels. Which level should I choose?
A: It depends on the experience of your child. If your child does not have a lot of experience, we recommend that he/ she starts from the lower level. If your child is ready for the next level, the teacher will give a recommendation to promote him/ her. Remember, all children are happy to be promoted; None would feel happy to be demoted.

Q: Can I have more than one trial classes?
A: We only offer one free trial class. You may pay tuition to have additional trial classes.

Q: Are parents allowed to be in classroom during the trial class?
A: We strongly recommend that parents stay out of the classroom. You are welcome to watch your child through the classroom window. Students are more focused without their parents around. All of our teachers are well trained to handle young kids. Your young artist will have a lot of fun with us!

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Step by step help

  • A class may show ‘spot available’ on calendar, but ‘class full’ when you choose a date for trial. It is because other students have booked trial on that date. The # of spots available shown on calendar is spots open for registration.
  • Once a trial is confirmed, you cannot cancel it online. If you made an mistake, please contact us to modify or cancel.