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Mission Statement

Calcolor Academy believes in the creative talents of the young artists of today. Their dreams and achievements are important to us. We teach our students the creative process and technical knowledge along with providing the academic guidance necessary for them to become successful in their pursuits.

Drawing/Painting (PD PREP)

Age Group: 11-16 Years Old
Class Length: 2 hours

Drawing/ Painting Class (PD Prep) is designed for students 11 years +, who would like to enhance their drawing/ painting skills and students who are preparing for Portfolio Development (PD) class. (Offered through Cupertino, Fremont and Online campuses)

PD Prep program is 1-3 years long, which will help students to build a SOLID foundation in drawing and painting skills. 

  • Year 1: Drawing Skills Fundamental (Required for ALL PD students)
  • Year 2 first half: Advanced Drawing
  • Year 2 second half: Painting Skills Fundamental
  • Year 3: Advanced Painting 

portfolio development

Age Group: 14+ Years Old
Class Length: 2 hours

Portfolio Development (Cupertino/Fremont Campuses) class is designed for these three groups of students:

  1. Experienced students who are ready to do the most to improve their artistic abilities.
  2. Students who want to create a cohesive art portfolio that will complement their college applications
  3. Students who are creating a high level art portfolio for art school application or AP Art Exam for college credit
More about Portfolio Class
  • The instructor provides individualized curriculum plan and guidance based on each student’s needs
  • Opportunity to participate in high level national and international art competitions
  • Prerequisite:
    1. Ages 13+ and at least 1-2 years of art learning experience
    2. Teacher assessment
  • Additional Benefit Beyond Advanced Class:
    1. Individual Portfolio Review
    2. Portfolio Preparation
    3. High-Quality Digital Photo for Student’s Work (Additional Fees)

In this Portfolio class, we provide the mentorship, materials, creative environment, and support necessary for young students to extend themselves and push outside their comfort zones. At the same time, we understand that every artist needs feedback that is honest and helps them move forward. It’s our goal to help students become confident with their art and create it thoughtfully and independently. Because we will encourage students to develop artwork that can be defined as “original”, many artworks will be eligible to include in student portfolios that are submitted to colleges and art schools.

For the AP Art Exam, the instructors will help students develop a cohesive series of 12+ art pieces within a theme, along with 12+ supplemental exploration pieces outside of that theme. Instructors will also help edit/curate the portfolio, professionally photograph the work for submission, and help develop the artists’ statement to include important artistic vocabulary to showcase the student as deserving of college credit in the arts.

For more information about preparing for the AP Art Exam, please visit the AP Art Exam website.

portfolio Aesthetics

Age Group: 12+ Years Old
Class Length: 2 hours

Portfolio Aesthetics (Fremont Campus) class is a class for the 12+ student who wants to further their understanding of art and the various techniques and ideas that artists engage with. It is individualized instruction with the goal of helping the student maximize their talent while developing a body of work that can be used for their portfolios, either for AP art or college applications. 

Instructor Barry Ebner has over 35 years of teaching experience at all levels from 8 to adults in graduate programs. He recently taught an international workshop in monoprinting for professional artists in Santiago, Chile. Along with teaching drawing, painting and printmaking at all levels he also teaches Art History and Contemporary art classes at the college level. 

Digital Art LV3


Digital 3 class (Offered through Cupertino and Online Campuses) is designed to assist students 13 years old and upon developing their portfolio pieces for competitions, AP art portfolio and college applications. This class will guide students to develop their ideas, and continuously develop individual interests. Instructor will interview students about their plan in trial class.