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CalColor’s Mission & Vision

CalColor Academy is a fine art school for youth age 4-18 years old that combines imaginative thinking and professional techniques through systematic and innovative curriculum design and dedicated teaching.


Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire youth to cultivate an individual artistic voice and enrich our community through visual arts education, exhibitions, and lecture series. Our professional team is dedicated to provide a safe, fun, and inclusive learning environment for our students.


Our Vision

CalColor Academy’s vision is to be a leader in innovative curriculum design and a model of excellence in visual arts teaching. We believe in the importance of art education in making a positive impact on society.


2009 – 2013, Home studio founded by Lan with 100 students. 
2014, New Fremont Studio and new brand – CalColor Academy. 
2016, We became the largest Art School in East Bay. 
2017, Mountain View campus opening.
2018, Cupertino campus opening. We became the largest Art School in SF Bay Area.
2019, San Jose Cambrian and Newark campuses opening.  
2020, CalColor online school established. 

our philosophy

At CalColor, we believe every individual has a unique artistic sensibility within that can be unleashed through inspiring and empowering teaching, and appropriate technical guidance.

Our core teaching and curriculums are designed to provide the fundamental techniques and professional tools necessary to enable each student to unleash and express his/her unique individuality through artmaking.

A Word

From Our Principal

Art is not just about learning to draw or paint; nor it is just about inspiring children’s imagination.

An art education can cultivate curiosity, concentration, an open mind, problem solving skills, courage to experiment, and a sense of self identity in our children.

CalColor’s mission is to do everything we can to help each child to develop his/her own pathways in life. 

– Lan Liu