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Fine Art Kid Programs

Art Exploration

Art Exploration is designed for 4-6 years old students focusing on developing fine motor-skills, exploring a variety of art media, building primary art vocabulary, and cultivating an open mind, curiosity about art, and ability to interact with teacher and classmates.

  • Enjoy Art!! Inspiring Curiosity!
  • Explore painting, drawing, sculpture, installation art, mixed media, digital and world art
  • Be exposed to famous artists and masterpieces
  • Participate in exhibition, museum tours, and art field trip

Ages: 4-6

Class: 1.5hours / 1x week

Art Foundation

Art Foundation is designed for 7-9 years old students focusing on building fundamental skills in visual art, be exposed to variety of artistic styles, using professional art vocabulary to communicate ideas, and cultivating a great sense of teamwork and responsibility as an artist.

  • Medium: Oil Painting, Charcoal/Pencil Drawing, Mixed Media, Printmaking, Sculpture, Digital Art, Installation Art
  • Style: Impressionism, Realism, Cubism, Pop Art, etc…
  • Fine Art Appreciation: participate in museum tours, exhibitions, and art field trip
  • Opportunity to participate in local and national art competitions

Ages: 7-9

Class: 1.5hours / 1x week

Art Advancement

Art Advancement is designed for experienced 5+ grade students. Responsibilities as an artist will be emphasized with weekly homework, technical in-class studies, and independent research for creating their own distinctive pieces. This class will focus on expanding complex drawing and painting skills, advanced color theory, professional use of multiple media, art historical influences, drawing from still life/live models, and proficiency using art vocabulary.

  • In addition to mastering techniques, students will start to develop their own artistic style
  • Instructors provide mentoring and help students in setting up goals and achieve them.
  • Participate in museum tours, exhibitions, and art field trip
  • Opportunity to participate in local and national art competitions

Ages: 10-12

Class: 1.5hours / 1x week

Elite Class

Elite Class is a specialized program designed for students between 8 to 11 years old who have a strong passion for art and are willing to put in extra effort to improve their skills. The program requires a commitment of 2 hours per week.

To join the Elite Class, interested students must go through a rigorous selection process. They need to submit their best artwork and undergo an election process, where a panel of judges assesses their work and evaluates their potential. Only those who meet the high standards set by the judges are selected to join the Elite Class.

Once admitted, students in the Elite Class receive focused instruction and training from experienced and skilled art educators. They learn advanced techniques and skills that go beyond what is taught in regular art classes. The Elite Class also provides students with opportunities to showcase their talents and participate in art competitions and exhibitions.

The Elite Class is an excellent opportunity for young artists to develop their skills, express themselves creatively, and connect with like-minded peers. It is a rigorous and rewarding program that can help students achieve their full potential in the field of art.

Ages: 8-11

Class: 2hours / 1x week

Fun Add On Courses

Elective Classes

Oil Painting Foundation

Oil Painting Foundation (offered in Cupertino site) is offered to the CalColor student that has had a lot of experience with our Art Foundation classes and wants to try something new for a bit. This can be an add-on to your Foundation classes, or you can take a break from your Foundation classes and try out this special and legendary material!

The course objective is to introduce the students to the basics of oil painting and is a good bridge between Foundation and higher-level courses. This can also lead you into Advancement, which then leads you to PD prep and PD painting.

Ages: 7-10

Class: 1.5hours / 1x week

Fun Add On Courses

Elective Classes

Digital Anime

Digital Anime (Offered through Newark, Fremont, Mountain View, Cupertino and Online Campuses) have become a staple in young people’s literary consumption and they continue to become more sophisticated not only in art but in storytelling as well. Many modern comics like March are now considered literary works of art in the same vein as classic novels like to Kill a Mockingbird. This gives us an opportunity to use the popularity of comics and manga to introduce many students to the fundamentals of drawing and to unlock their hidden passion for visual storytelling.

Ages: 11+

Class: 2 hours / 1x week

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