How it works

4 Steps to Schedule a Make-up Class

If you need further help or need to make any changes to the trial class, please email us.

Step 1

Request a Makeup Class

Click the menu at the upper left corner, choose “Request A Makeup Class”

Step 2

Choose the student

Choose the student, current class, and then choose the season 2023-24 School Year (Aug 22 – Jun 2).

Step 3

Choose a Class

Now you shall be able to see the schedule of the season 2023-24 School Year (Aug 22-Jun 2). Choose a Class by clicking on it. (Click the Text Part of the class to choose the class)

Step 4

Choose a Date

Then please select the date of the makeup. You can click “Next Dates” for more choices. Once you choose the date, the makeup class will be booked. You may then click the Next button to finish.

Makeup Class Policy

We encourage students to attend all classes on time. However, we understand that students will be absent due to various circumstances.We highly recommend that students register for a makeup class within the same week for project consistency, and not repeat any curriculum. (Each week begins on Tuesday and ends on Sunday)

  • Students can register makeup classes before or after the missed classes.
  • A $5 processing fee will be charged for EACH makeup class.
  • TWO free make-up class is offered per student per semester.
  • If a student misses a makeup class, he/she forfeits the make-up class, and the $5 fee cannot be refunded.
  • To reschedule a makeup class, a 24-hour notice is required.
  • Makeup classes must be done at the same school site and at the same level.
  • Please note that makeups are not guaranteed. CalColor reserve the rights to cancel and reschedule your makeup class.