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Portfolio Development

This class helps students develop their skills and create a strong AP Art Portfolio or college portfolio. With a professional teacher, students will explore various art mediums and techniques, and learn how to develop a cohesive body of work. Students receive feedback and guidance in a supportive and collaborative environment. By the end of the course, students will have a polished portfolio showcasing their unique artistic voice and skills.

Art Consultation

Art consultants are available to guide and provide resources for high school students interested in pursuing a career in the arts. Consultants help students develop their skills, explore mediums, and create a portfolio. They also assist with researching art schools and preparing for college applications. With the support of an art consultant, high school students can pursue their artistic passions and achieve their goals.

Portfolio Review

Calcolor teachers provide valuable guidance and feedback for students pursuing an art career. These services help students develop their skills, create a standout portfolio, and identify areas for improvement in their work. A portfolio review can also provide insight into what art schools and programs are looking for. With the help of an art portfolio review, students can increase their chances of success in pursuing their artistic aspirations.

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AP Art Portfolio Development

Calcolor Academy offers an AP Art Portfolio Development class where our professional teachers guide students in creating a strong portfolio that meets the AP Art standards. Our teachers help students explore different mediums and techniques, develop their artistic voice, and create a cohesive body of work. Throughout the course, students receive constructive feedback and support to refine their portfolio and develop their skills.


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4 or 5 on AP Art

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2022 - 2023
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College Admissions

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Congratulations Class of ‘23!

  • Olivia W: CMU, U-M
  • Olivia G: SVA, Art Center, Parsons, Pratt, SAIC, Northeastern, USC
  • Chelsea Y: UC Berkeley, RISD, NYU, Berkeley, BU, UCSB, UC Davis
  • Eric C: UCSD
  • Faye: UCLA

Congratulations Class of ‘22!

  • Nikki L: CMU, USC(non-art), Northeastern University, University of Texas Austin
  • Eric Feng: USC, UCSB, UCS, CMU

Congratulations Class of ‘21!

  • Annie Y: Chapman University
  • Rudra H: San José State University, Chapman, Long Island, Otis, Loyola, CSU long beach, Cal State Fullerton/Fresno/East Bay
  • Haley D: Otis College of Art and Design, Cal State Fullerton, San Jose State University
  • Keya T: San José State University, Chapman, Loyola, Loyola Marymount University

Congratulations Class of ‘20!

  • Alisia S: Harvard University
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