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Please check the FAQ below for common questions.

South Bay Virtual Campus

Covering Cupertino, Mountain View, South San Jose Campus Area

East Bay Virtual Campus

Covering Fremont and Newark Campus Area

Procedures, Materials and What to expect for your CalColor Academy’s trial class


Q: Which campus should I choose?
A: To provide more class choices to our students, we have combined our campuses into two Virtual Campuses -South Bay and East Bay Online.
For local customers, please choose the campus close to your home. When the COVID-19 is clear, we will resume on-site classes.
For out of area customers, please contact us by phone/email, we will provide recommendations for you.

Q: I am interested in the Long Term class, but I live far away. What would happen after COVID-19?
A: When we resume the on-site classes, we will refund the rest of the tuition to students who cannot attend.

Q: My child’s age is at the boundary of two class levels. Which level should I choose?
A: It depends on the experience of your child. If your child does not have much experience, we recommend that he/ she starts from the lower level. If your child is ready for the next level, the teacher will give the recommendation to promote him/ her. Remember, all children are happy to be promoted; None would feel happy to be demoted.

Q: Can I have more than one trial class?
A: We only offer one free trial class. You may pay tuition to have additional trial classes.

Q: Will my child have the same teacher as the trial class?
A: Yes. We arrange all trials in our daily classes. Trial students will have an accurate feel for the class, for the teacher and his/ her future classmates.

Q: How do I get the Zoom ID for my trial class?
A: Log in to the registration system. You will see the Zoom ID in the “Upcoming Classes”

Q: What should I prepare for the class?
A: After enrolling for the trial class, you will receive a parent handbook. Please refer to the handbook for details.

    Step by step software help

    Step 1. Choose the campus for your trial class. Register for a new account. If you have an existing account, log in and go to step 3.

    Step 2: Follow the instructions to add family and students.

    Step 3: Click the menu at the upper left corner, choose “Request a Trial Class”, choose a student, then choose the Summer 2020 Season

    Step 4: Choose your desired class from the weekly calendar. The classes are color-coded- each color represents a class level. Details of the class, including the instructor, available spots, are listed. Put the mouse over a class for more information.

    • ART EXPLORATION : Age 4-6
    • ART FOUNDATION : Age 7-9
    • ART ADVANCEMENT : Age 10-12
    • DIGITAL ART: Age 9+
    • PORTFOLIO CLASS: Age 12+

    Step 5: Click the Text Part of the class to choose the class. Then select the date of the trial. You can click “Next Dates” for more choices. Once you choose the date, the trial class will be booked.

    If you need to make any changes to the trial class, please email us.