Fine Art Programs
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CalColor Art Program Pathway

Fine Art

Fine Art Programs 

Art exploration

Age Group: 4-6 Years Old
Class Length: 1.5 hours

Art Exploration is designed for 4-6 years old students focusing on developing fine motor-skills, exploring a variety of art media, building primary art vocabulary, and cultivating an open mind, curiosity about art, and ability to interact with teacher and classmates.

  • Enjoy Art!!  Inspiring Curiosity!
  • Explore painting, drawing, sculpture, installation art, mixed media, digital and world art
  • Be exposed to famous artists and masterpieces
  • Participate in exhibition, museum tours, and art field trip

Art foundation

Age Group: 7-9 Years Old
Class Length: 1.5 hours

Art Foundation is designed for 7-9 years old students focusing on building fundamental skills in visual art, be exposed to variety of artistic styles, using professional art vocabulary to communicate ideas, and cultivating a great sense of teamwork and responsibility as an artist.

  • Medium: Oil Painting, Charcoal/Pencil Drawing, Mixed Media, Printmaking, Sculpture, Digital Art, Installation Art  
  • Style: Impressionism, Realism, Cubism, Pop Art, etc…
  • Fine Art Appreciation: participate in museum tours, exhibitions, and art field trip
  • Opportunity to participate in local and national art competitions

Art advancement

Age Group: 10-12 Years Old
Class Length: 1.5 hours

Art Advancement is designed for experienced 5+ grade students. Responsibilities as an artist will be emphasized with weekly homework, technical in-class studies, and independent research for creating their own distinctive pieces. This class will focus on expanding complex drawing and painting skills, advanced color theory, professional use of multiple media, art historical influences, drawing from still life/live models, and proficiency using art vocabulary.

  • In addition to mastering techniques, Advancement students start to develop their own artistic style
  • Instructors provide mentoring and help students in setting up goals and achieve them.
  • Participate in museum tours, exhibitions, and art field trip
  • Opportunity to participate in local and national art competitions

Drawing/Painting (PD PREP)

Age Group: 11-16 Years Old
Class Length: 2 hours

Drawing/ Painting Class (PD Prep) is designed for students 11 years +, who would like to enhance their drawing/ painting skills and students who are preparing for Portfolio Development (PD) class.

PD Prep program is 1-3 years long, which will help students to build a SOLID foundation in drawing and painting skills. 

  • Year 1: Drawing Skills Fundamental (Required for ALL PD students)
  • Year 2 first half: Advanced Drawing
  • Year 2 second half: Painting Skills Fundamental
  • Year 3: Advanced Painting 

Fun add-ons to the classes above

Elective Classes

Book Illustration


Book Illustration allows students to free their creativity through stories and express themselves using visual language. The class will cover all the essential elements in children’s book art, including character design, storytelling, flow and rhythm in composition, the process of book making and color theory. By the end of the quarter, each student will come out with a unique story that create by themselves!


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