The Dream of Art, The Journey of a Year: CalColor 2023 Year-End Summary

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December 13, 2023
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Keywords: Expansion of Fremont Campus, Scholastic Awards Unveiled

January marked the adventure of a New Year, a time of continuance and renewal. After  a long  holiday vacation, the children, seemingly taller, weren’t the only ones growing; CalColor Art Academy grew together with them. The expansion of our Fremont campus finished with brand new classrooms, where large windows framed the sky, clouds, and distant hills, and walls adorned with colorful, dream-filled works of our young artists.

Fremont Site Classroom

In the warmth of this winter month, the national Scholastic Art Awards were announced, buoying the spirits of every hardworking educator and students at CalColor. Our Teen and Digital Program students gained 28 Gold Keys, 43 Silver Keys, and 81 Honorable Mentions, echoing past efforts and whispering future aspirations. At CalColor, painting transcends skill, enlightening worldviews.


Keywords: WASC Accreditation

February brought the first stir of spring and a vigor of life, as CalColor’s tireless commitment to education was officially recognized. The WASC accreditation mirrored years of diligent work, meticulous planning, and artistic pursuit in every lesson, course, artwork, and brushstroke. With this validation, CalColor dances more confidently on a larger educational stage, embracing a renewed mission to nurture each student’s artistic dream with deeper passion and firmer commitments.

WASC Accreditation


Keywords: 10th Anniversary Sticker Competition Launch

March, with its clear skies and chirping birds, ushered CalColor Art Academy’s approaching 10th Anniversary. Our teachers, the soul and planner of the academy, secretly crafted the blueprint for this grand celebration, aiming to infuse it with delicate and unique artistic hues. A special sticker design contest for the 10th Anniversary was launched, igniting the children’s creative fervor, as they created their unforgettable memories with CalColor using innocent and joyful strokes.


Keywords: Preparations for the 10th Anniversary Art Exhibition

April, amid blossoming flowers, witnessed CalColor undertaking a monumental task: collecting a piece from each of our 3000 students, from four-year-old toddlers to ambitious seventeen-year-olds, for the May anniversary exhibition. Teachers devoted their extra-class hours to this extensive exhibition project, delicately attaching each piece to the display board, guarding these fragile yet precious dreaming blossoms; each artwork was matched with a name tag, endowing every little piece with life and story.

CalColor Art Academy's 10th Anniversary Art Exhibition


Keywords: 10th Anniversary Celebration, Plein Air Painting Outing

May, with its pleasant breezes and intoxicating fragrances, celebrated CalColor Art Academy’s 10th Birthday! The grand celebration at the Santa Clara Convention Center was graced by the Cupertino Mayor, dozens of loyal teachers, and over three thousand children and their expectant parents. A half-year of preparation distilled a decade’s essence into this event, making it more than just a grand party, but a stage where every child shone, every artwork was respected and admired, each corner resonating with emotional harmonies. We saw not only the passage of time but the power of art, dreams, and love.

CalColor Art Academy’s 10th Art Exhibition

CalColor Art Academy's 10th Celebration

Later in the month, teachers lead students out from the studio to nature’s embrace. On the grass, amidst new greens and floral scents, it was hard to distinguish if it was plein air studying or picnicking. In the park, the typical spring scenes under the children’s brushes transformed into lines, shapes, and color blocks, flowing with artistic spirits. Observing the changing spring light, studying even the tiniest beauty from the surrounding world. This is the principle of art: learning the interest from life, observing with inner eyes, recording the world and expressing the emotions.

Plein Air Studying


Keywords: Belmont’s New Campus Opening, Summer Camp Begins

As June ushers in summer days and brilliant sunlight, our summer camp also began, turning kids into lively fish in the ocean of art. This camp is not only an art feast but also a journey of growth and exploration. Here, children will unravel the mysteries of shapes and colors, and discover their potential through playing and creation. With the opening of our new Belmont campus, we’re honored to serve more children in the community, expanding our educational reach. Our footprints in the Bay Area grow, spreading the light of art education to more families and children.

Belmont Site


Keywords: Stanford University Art Museum Field Trip

In the peak of summer, we organized a trip to the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University, our first post-pandemic art field trip. The museum’s rich collection and artistic atmosphere built a bridge to the art world for the children. Teachers prepared lectures, and activity books made this trip much more than a hurried visit; it was a journey of listening to historical echoes and harvesting knowledge and inspiration. As educators, we experienced the practice and elevation of our educational philosophy.

Stanford University Art Museum Field Trip


Keywords: Open House Course Experience Day

As summer waned, we hosted our annual Open House across our six Bay Area campuses. Parents and children, filled with anticipation and curiosity, explored our teaching environment and faculty. Many families decided to join us immediately , drawn by the warmth and senses of belonging. The following weeks saw a surge in student enrollment, with each number representing a family’s trust and support. We are grateful and committed to work harder to meet these expectations.

Open House Day


Keywords: Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

With autumn deepening and the moon getting bright and round, CalColor in Belmont hosted a cozy Mid-Autumn Festival celebration, attracting over 50 families. We catered with traditional Chinese mooncakes, fine tea, themed art crafts, and a seminar by Mr. Pat, our campus manager, introducing our art programs for young children. We shared not just the warmth of the festival but also the joy and enthusiasm of children’s creativity, symbolizing the beauty of growth.

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration


Keywords: Local School Halloween Party

In the cool, mysterious atmosphere of October, CalColor collaborated with 3 local schools to host a unique Halloween party. Teachers, with child-like enthusiasm, immersed themselves in the joy of the event, painting colorful faces and crafting with the children. This simple, artistic expression opened doors to profound creativity. The event’s laughter and community spirit were unforgettable, as we aimed to weave the stream of art into every aspect of public life.

Local School Halloween Party


Keywords: RISD Admissions Officer Visit

In the charming autumn, our Teen Program had another highlighted moment with the visit of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) admissions officer. This lecture was a rare opportunity for our soon-to-be college students and their families, offering invaluable insights into entering the professional art world. The session was more than a sharing of wisdom; it was an inspiration, signifying top-tier academic institutions’ recognition of our Teen Program and the potential artistic talent of our students.

RISD Admissions Officer Visit


Keywords: Art for Earth Environmental Exhibition

In the heartwarming end of the year, CalColor, in collaboration with the non-profit organization UNFCCC’s Global Youth Philanthropy, curated an environmental-themed art exhibition named “Art for Earth.” Our Elite Program kids dedicated 7 weeks to exploring and creating artworks focused on water conservation and global food protection. Their vibrant paintings filled Fremont Main Library’s exhibition hall, turning environmental concerns into visual language, inviting viewers to a world both real and imaginative. 

CalColor Students' Art Work

Art for Earth Environmental Exhibition

As part of the unseen art community, CalColor tirelessly spreads the seeds of art throughout the year. This exhibition marked the peak of our efforts: In 2024, how will CalColor continue to positively impact through art? For education, for children, for the Earth, for the future – let’s wait and see.

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CalColor Academy's younger students recently explored car interiors. Students typically draw the outside of cars, but we asked them to focus on the details of dashboards, steering wheels, and AC vents. Different age groups used various techniques: younger students focused on basic shapes and one-point perspective, while older students honed advanced skills like hand drawing and shadow incorporation. These projects highlighted how art can change our perspective, revealing the extraordinary in the every day, a valuable lesson for our students on their artistic journeys.

Dawning Realism

When kids reach middle school and high school age, they become more advanced in their understanding of value, shape, proportion, and want to stretch their ability to mimic real life.